January 23, 2011

An introduction.

So. Tell me a little about yourself.

You've had a job interview, right? So you've probably heard that before. Every time I hear it (because yes, I've had more than a few interviews in my life), my brain just sort of shuts down. If I can bumble my way through the response, I consider the interview a success. It doesn't matter if I get the job or not.

Now here I am, putting myself out there on the intarwebz, and I'm facing that damn question again. But if you really feel compelled to get the answer, click the “About Melanie” link to your left. No really, I think the description I wrote is kind of cute. Go ahead, I'll wait.

There's a rerun of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on, I can keep myself busy.

Done? It was brief, I know. But it kind of sums me up. I like nerdy things like the Star Wars movies, the Harry Potter books, and various cult British shows. I get a lot of joy out of what I like to call Gay Entertainment, which can range from all things Bravo TV to German soap operas with a gay storyline to anything starring John Barrowman. My favorite movie experience is one that scares me so silly I can't even really watch it the first time because I'm too busy hiding behind my scarf. I make fanvids and write fanfiction and have experienced the good and the bad of fandom. I am a geek.

I also deal with anxiety, depression, and a number of other Issues. I like to say that I have so many Issues that my Issues have issues. Which is nothing unusual in today's world, or so I like to think. Those will come up here too, but I hope to handle them with humor instead of making this a wailing wall.

And! I'm working on starting a new direction in my life. I'm working on my application for the University of Minnesota, and if I get accepted and can pull off the financial aid, I'm going to quit my full-time secretarial job and go back to school in pursuit of a degree in English and/or Film Studies/Acting. Which means I'm essentially giving up on the real world to jump back into following my dreams. Oh, did I also mention I turned 33 years old a month ago?

So now you know a few things about me. There's a lot more, don't worry. It will all come up in one way or another as I continue writing here.

I think my life is about to get pretty scary and exciting. I plan to post to this blog twice a week... Sundays will be about me, my life, my issues and my observations. Thursdays will be all things geek. And if I feel like throwing something out there in between, it's whatever I feel like. If you want to see what happens when a thirty-something single girl decides to start over, come back and see me. I'll be here.

Whew, I muddled through. Success!

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