August 23, 2012

The goodbyes begin...

There are moments when the time before I leave seems to move at a glacial pace; at other times I feel like I'm sprinting keep up with it.

Life As Usual has begun to wrap up. I finished at one of my jobs last Friday, and today is the final day at my other job. I had the usual amazing time at the Renaissance Festival over the weekend, now this weekend will be my last. I have a feeling this Sunday is going to be a bit tearful.

The upcoming week will consist mostly of finishing up the packing/purging/storing process, along with some last-minute appointments for Operation Brit-Kittehs and a bit more of seeing people. The Friday before I go will involve a 21st Anniversary celebration of me and the BFF's friendship, followed by hanging out with my mom on Saturday. I can't really imagine a better way to spend my last few days here.

I don't feel stressed about the move, but there's some physical symptoms cropping up anyway. Fatigue, stomach issues, even an epic herpes outbreak (relax, it's just a cold sore. A giant motherfucking cold sore that covers most of my lower lip aaauugghhh). I seriously believe if not for the Citalopram, I would be a hot mess right now. I mean... even more than I am.

Meanwhile, my closet and dresser are currently empty because I did (another) practice pack, this time using my two new duffel suitcases. I made a huge dent in my Pile 'o' Crap as well, which is an awesome relief. All that's left to do is fully conquer the Pile, pack up the non-bedroom stuff (movies, books, and dishes), and haul it all over to Mom's. If all goes as planned, it'll be done by next week Friday.

The next post will likely be titled ZOMG I'M LEAVING TOMORROW AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! See you then!

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