October 21, 2012

Just a little bit of culture shock

I'm nearly two months into my London Adventure and I've yet to update. See, it turns out there's so much cool stuff I want to talk about that I started to get overwhelmed by it. Every time I think of updating this blog I basically just freeze up with all the things I want to tell you.

The solution to this problem is that I'm just going to do a quickie update now, and then try to post small, frequent updates from now on. Although I've not experienced much culture shock, there's still little things I see everyday that make living here really fascinating and amazing. So I'll talk about the little things.

My one big moment of culture shock was actually related to school supplies. Somehow I just never imagined that school supplies would be different here, but they are. It all came to a head over folders. You know, these things:

The things that cost 50 cents and hold all your loose papers for class and generally are just a total staple of school shopping? They don't exist here.

I went into a bit of a panic. How am I supposed to organize handouts? Where am I supposed to put things? WHAT THE HELL DO STUDENTS DO HERE??? I was getting seriously overwrought over fucking folders.

Don't worry, it all came out alright. After what seemed like a ridiculous amount of internet research, I found these:

They're called "document wallets" and they basically saved my sanity. Since then it's been pretty smooth sailing in the school supplies department.

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